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Finite02:: Ito Yejun by reddii Finite02:: Ito Yejun by reddii


:iconpapcryplz: so late....
AAAA okay finally done! Thanks for the extension, *monokroe! ;;;;
CRY ACK I’ll add more details later… it’s hard to write right now eep.

+Name: Itō Yejun 伊東예준
+Age: 19
+Height: 5’7’’ / 167.64 cm
+Weight: 133 lb / 60 kg
+Nationality: Japanese (father) / Korean (mother)
+Group: PC
+District: Old Town
+Strain: ALPHA
+Class : Knight [A x C]


- [Offense] Atma Slash: High burst attack with high critical-hit ratio. Yejun can enhance his agility and quickly land consecutive slashes on the appointment. There is slight rebound and his high burst mode is hard to control.
- [Psychic] Telekinesis: Yejun’s specialty lies in the materialization and manipulation of his psychic powers into physical offensive forms such as the floating appendages and discs floating about his BETAV form. These forms are energy packed barriers that can inflict high damage quickly. Yejun can channel further energy to create –Psybeam- by merging all active psychic forms in play into a powerful ray. There is great rebound damage and this move requires a great deal of concentration; with Yejun’s current capabilities he is unable to produce one giant ray; instead they are scattered bursts of psychic energy.

Short Tempered | Aggressive | Blunt | Rowdy

As an elder twin, Yejun is overly conscious of his position, perhaps obsessively. He cares deeply about his brother, Junho, and had revered the younger twin growing up, becoming immersed with Junho’s accomplishments throughout their childhood. He was frustrated seeing their twinly bond drift as the years past, but wholeheartedly encouraged Junho’s ambitions towards biology, acknowledging Junho’s diligence in carrying on their father’s legacy in biotechnology. Feeling he was overshadowed by Junho’s prodigal ambitions and neglected by his father, he often rebelled childishly, pulling pranks or goofing off; He even dyed his hair in desperation to achieve a new identity apart from his brother. However, in his heart, he knew he could never maliciously hold a grudge against Junho. Junho is his motivation for everything. Everything he does in life he does for Junho basically.

Prior to contracting the BETAV virus, Yejun was quite lively and very outgoing though he’d rather spend time with his brother than his friends at school. Yejun has a bad temper, often throwing sudden tantrums as a child when he doesn’t get his way or should Junho receive all the attention from his father; as he grew up and after being separated from Junho, he grew distant from others and all the more short tempered as well as aggressive. His curtness can be off-putting and makes it harder for others to approach him but when he befriends someone he can be obnoxiously clingy and protective as he views himself as an older sibling figure.

Yejun’s father, a native of the island, came from a long line of biologists and bio-engineers for ZETA. His mother, also a scientist for the military, had met his father there and soon, they were married. During her pregnancy, his mother contracted the BETAV virus from an omega carrier who had not yet been diagnosed, and died shortly after giving birth to Yejun and Junho. Though the virus did not carry over form the mother to the children, a slight DNA mutation caused heterochromia to develop in both children’s genetic makeup.

The boys were raised by relatives of the Itou family on their island. From a young age, Yejun found his bond or lack thereof, with their elusive father exasperating and a great trigger of rebellious activity all the while desperately maintaining his close bond with his twin.

Near the end of the first year as highschool students, Yejun contracted the BETAV virus and was put under quarantine; Junho on the other hand, tested negative for the virus. The twins were separated, much to Yejun’s anguish. He transferred to a new high school and found it unbearable without Junho. He regained motivation to continue his study after maintaining communications with Junho; he currently resides in Old Town and commutes to Miura University for classes.

- His brother; Junho is his best friend and he would do anything for him. It pains him deeply that they cannot meet and he often obsessively tries to contact him on a day to day basis.
- Technology; He delved into modifying communication devices he could get his hands on, often through pawn-shops that housed antiques from decades long past or through dealers, who hoarded ID-Mates from missing persons. Creating machines and toys had been something he was fond of as a child; however this idea of modifying government issued technology had been something he delved into in rebellion to his studies, but it grew into more than a hobby.
- FOOD (lol) – Yejun has a big appetite. He likes to eat… a lot, when he’s happy or when he’s angry.

- Annoying People and Relationships; He dislikes trivial conversations as his thoughts are always preoccupied with the idea he is separated from his brother. When caught off guard or provokes, he could get aggressive or terribly frank. Because of this, he is hard to approach and makes few friends.
- Violence; Though he picked fights during high school, it was merely an extension of coping with the frustration of being separated from Junho. He rarely gets violent and would rather leave the bigger man; nevertheless he still gives frightening threats with great intention.
- School; Additionally, his academic life suffered greatly when he contracted the BETAV virus and was separated from his brother, transferring to an entirely new school. Initially, his frustration got the best of him, causing great disinterest in pursuing further schooling. However, feeling like he was letting his younger twin down, he began to work harder to maintain all his grades.
- His Father; While he does not hold any malice towards his father, he does get tense mentioning his father. Knowingly, his father had made sure to be part of both of the twins’ lives but Yejun could only associate him as a serious man with a tall build, a stranger, that would take up all of Junho’s attention every time he should visit.
- Don’t question him about his eyes.

• Has hetero-chromatic eyes, the right is green and the left is dark brown.
• His ID-Mate takes on the form of a small flat touch screen monitor, the size of a cellphone. This is his primary way to contact his brother, Junho. He would often try to contact him several times every day, most of the time annoyingly so.
• He finds his bond with his father exasperating.
• Has somewhat of a brother complex. (LOL SOMEWHAT)

+Relationships: (LINK your team mates here, along with any other people they know)
Junho, twin brother and best friend
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