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August 2, 2012
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Milizia:: Emil Izaak Olesky by reddii Milizia:: Emil Izaak Olesky by reddii
Aaaa please ignore! I'm reapplying again for Milizia! I rewrote Emil's bio because he was such a social outcast and loser before and I felt bad! Haha.... OTL



Full Name: Emil Izaak Olesky
Division: Defense
Class: Junior
Age: 22
Height: 5í 10íí
Weight: 153 lbs.
Nationality: Polish

Current Merit Count: 0
Inventory/Stock: M9 (Beretta 92FS) Pistol.


    STR 0
    AGI 3
    VIT 2
    INT 1
    DEX 0
    DEF 4


-Having been a recluse for the most part of his childhood, Emil is anxious and seldom talkative in his own peer group. He is an introvert that constantly seeks for the approval of his superiors. He cannot stand without instruction and patiently considers all options given to him before setting out to do his tasks. Once Emil has started something, he is determined to finish.

- Emil is very true to his beliefs and to himself. He can take things a bit too seriously; he can be angered when provoked by joking mannerisms as he cannot understand the need for it. Therefore, he is unable to understand or to detect foul play.

- Emil instinctively suppresses his emotions and is unable to open up to others easily. He does not handle stress or anxiety well, and in effect, his body tires instantaneously under such turmoil.

-Although he has endured indirectly the consequences of the tragedy befallen upon his grandmother, his lack of personal connection to war has made him a pacifist. He does not hold vengeance to his heart and finds that he can help protect innocent lives if he enlists and serves Milizia. He is wholly devoted to that task.

    - Reading a good book.
    - Being alone by himself; although he often remembers unpleasant thoughts of his childhood.
    - Swordfighting
    - Gaining the approval of his superiors and even those of his peer group; he doesnít know how to express his content though

    - The strains of social engagements and relationships. He is uncomfortable with large crowds and hanging out with people of his own peer group outside military drills and sessions.
    - He cannot tolerate half-heartedness or joking mannerisms.
    - Being humiliated or singled out.
    - While he understands the value of teamwork, his lack of experience working with others puts him on edge and makes him uncomfortable.
    - Storms
    - People questioning the scars on his right arm.


Emil grew up in a dilapidated cesspool of an apartment in Poland. His father frequented bars more than his work or home; his estranged mother, on the other hand, suffered bouts of psychosis. It was this apparent absence of both parents that prompted a family friend to leave the boy in the care of his grandmother in the countryside. Emil was only five years old.

His grandmother was a survivor of Auschwitz in the Second World War and still had vivid nightmares of the horrors she and many others endured. Emil could not understand his grandmotherís severe swining moods yet endured the abuse as he was eager to gain her approval. She would teach him the value of human life and the devastation of war. Once, however, in a delusional rage, carved the date of the German invasion of Poland onto Emilís right arm demanding he remember it well.

Emil had attended early schooling and excelled in his studies. He was pulled out of school to be homeschooled however, when his Grandmother found out Emil was being bullied; the scars she herself left on Emil possibly made him more of a target. His grandmother remained concerned with her scrawny grandchild, who could barely run a few feet without gasping for air. She would instruct Emil in backbreaking labor in the fields to raise his potential, ultimately attempting to shape him into a soldier that would serve and protect their country. Now, socially awkward and a delusional mess himself, he started to dream that he would be a soldier in the army.

Klemens, a 25 year clerk of the general store, took pity on the boy and would help him out with the ridiculous tasks of his grandmother. Klemens would be Emilís most treasured friend. Klemens convinced his grandmother to stop her practices, and instead helped Emil train in the meadows with a sword the two found in the attic of the Olesky estate. Emil took to the sword with amazing prowess. And despite his grandmotherís protests, Klemens insisted Emil finish his studies in school. It was his grandmother and Klemens who helped him later apply for Milizia after he graduated college at the top of his class. She died shortly after much to Emil's anguish. Prior Emilís enrollment to the Academy, Emil tried to reinvent himself to be the soldier his grandmother imagined he would be. Eventually, however, he was unsure if that ideality should define him. He hopes Milizia will help him determine what kind of soldier he will become.


Following the destruction of Milizia's former island base, Emil was distraught. He was still in training and such a devastating tragedy triggered inner conflict; he felt that he let everyone, especially himself down. As part of the defense division, it was his duty to protect the base against the unauthorized navy vessels and he had failed his oath. With a heavy heart, he withdrew within himself with heavy contemplation, often regressing back to memories of his grandmother's estate in the countryside. Again he questioned his path as a soldier. He would return back to the empty estate and seek solace from Klemens. Klemens would reassure him and tell him how proud of Emil he was for representing his country. Finally within weeks before Academy enrollment, Emil packed his bags and headed to the Switzerland Alps with his head held high.


    -He excels in wielding a sword, having obtained one from his Grandmotherís home and had trained extensively with the help of Klemens. It is a remake of a 1912 royal artillery sword that has a modified long blade. It is most likely a family heirloom.
    -On his arm, his delusional grandmother carved the date of the German invasion on Poland as a reminder to him and her of why he must always stand and fight. He covers them with bandages but often removes the bandages to examine the scars.
    -He deeply values his friendship with Klemens, who he views not only as a mentor but a father figure. He continues to write to him and writes most of his letters in secret. He cherishes the letters he receives from Klemens and keeps them in a small wooden box for safekeeping.
    -He is incredibly self conscious of all the scars all over his body from his childhood. There are dark marks on his back where once his grandmother lashed at him with a fireplace poker.
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Ryouba-Blue Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Emil he had a sword...I KNOW HE DID!! that's how I recognize him XDD LOL. We should definitely rp our socially outcasted ocs....since I've neglected this one while I was in the group lol. Welcome back!
reddii Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Student Digital Artist
ah yea but this time around I had to get rid of the weapon for apps T__T;;
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Alejandro lost his little knives on the attack of Old Milizia *cries* QAQ Let's rp soon yah XD
pinkysilva Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heeeeee, so cute. Why is he so attractive cryyy it makes these real life men look so un-mysterious or something

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HE IS VERY ATTRACTIVE AND I LOVE HIS EYES. they're so green and piercing!!

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I'd love to see him wield a sword * A *
CelesteBlue Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
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